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Content Starts WordPress Text Effects Now On Corona Sale

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Hopefully the Final Corona Sale

Corona time depression might soon be over thanks to new syringes popping in to the markets. But we’re not there yet and so Moki-Moki Ios has launched a Corona time discount of the WordPress Text Effects premium plugin.

The plugin contains 14 glimmering text animations that you can your on your WordPress site with some easy shortcodes.

List of available text effects

Easy to Use With Shortcodes

For example to create a blinking text in the true 90s manner you just use the shortcode:


Of course blinking is only one, although perhaps the most classic and legendary of the effects. The package includes FX such as rainbow, marquee, disco, and often wanted typewriter WordPress text effect.

Customer Support and Free Life-Time Updates

The price of the plugin is now only $23 and you get the same privileges as usual: online customer support and free life-time updates via Creative Marketplace.

Download Today

See the plugin homepage and proceed to Creative Market to download the plugin.


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