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NOTE: This plugin does not exist anymore. Something better has emerged. Open WordPress SEO is 100% free and takes care of even the most delicate SEO optimization.

The Back to The 90s WordPress theme is built to be SEO-friendly. However, there are a lot of optimization tasks that should not be packed in the features of a theme. That’s where a decent WordPress SEO plugin can help us. Let me introduce the wallet-friendly Poor Man’s WordPress SEO.

Quote from the author:

I was looking for a WordPress SEO plugin to take care of the optimization of my website. After going trough a myriad of plugin alternatives I was annoyed to find out many important features of the best plugins ask for a annual subscription.

Being the stingy guy who I am, I decided to write my own SEO plugin that would carry out all the SEO tasks that need to be done. So Poor Man’s WordPress SEO was born. Now you, too, can get all the required functionality without hurting your wallet!

Editing SEO options is easy with this plugin (click to enlarge).

The plugin will make many adjustments automatically and help you to optimize the rest of your website easily. The features include:

  • Takes care of meta description and titles automatically or manually
  • Creates XML sitemap for search engines
  • Notifies Bing, Google, and Ask about updates on your site
  • Applies compression for content to speed up download times
  • Analyzes your content and gives tips on SEO improvements
  • Displays SEO status on the admin dashboard and post listings

With Poor Man’s WordPress SEO search engines find your content more easily, index your content faster, and give your site a better ranking. Get it here.

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