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Content Starts Review: Snow Flakes Plugin for WordPress

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Spice Up Your Site

During winter’s festive seasons it may be a nice idea to grace it by putting some extra to your site. And what could be more convenient than a classic snow flake effect! Now Moki-Moki Ios has released this gem for WordPress.

The Pros and Some Cons

The plugin does exactly what it promises and is super-easy to use. Just install the plugin and activate it, and *tada* you have snowflakes falling down the site.

The snowflakes plugin being applied to 90s theme

However, the plugin does have its drawbacks. Because the super-easy user interface, meaning, no interface at all, there is no possibility to configure the effect. If I would want to change the falling speed or icon in this version there is no way to achieve it easily.

The plugin is new, so let’s hope this feature is included the future versions. Good thing is that if you purchase the plugin at Creative Market you will have life-time free updates and you will be notified when the plugin has updates coming up.

Great Bang For The Buck (or Five)

As of writing this review the WordPress Snow Flakes Effect plugin is currently enabled on this site. The effect can be also seen in the picture. The best thing is this plugin costs only five bucks so it is painless to download and use when you happen to need it.

You can get the plugin from Moki-Moki’s Creative Market shop.

Th-th-th… … that’s all folks!

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