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Content Starts The Most Important Tech-Factor for Website Success

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Content is King

What it comes to building sites, we all can probably agree, the content or your product is the most important thing to consider. If you offer an awesome product visitors will stick to your site and post it on social media and other websites.

However, what comes second? This point causes surely more arguing.

Page Loading Time Rules

The most important technical factor to make your site a success is the speed.

This plugin makes it easy to configure various .htaccess rules to improve the loading times of your site.
  1. The faster your visitor will get the content the better the user experience.
  2. The faster your server serves the pages, the higher the search-engine rankings.
  3. The better the user-experience is, the more sales your visitors will convert to.

There are countless studies showing the importance of website loading speed and its effect not only on your organic search traffic performance, but also on your businesses performance as well.” -Nathan Gotch

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

To speed up your WordPress site loading times check out this handy plugin. The plugin alters your Apache server‘s .htaccess files resulting in improved loading times of pages and files.

Get Speed Up WordPress Plugin

The plugin’s homepage also has an informative video of SEO factors worth considering in today’s search-engine world. Make your visitors happy, rise up in search results, make more sales - get Speed Up WordPress plugin today.

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