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Content Starts UFO Plugin - Flying Saucer

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Plugin Out of The Area 51

Hey, you’ve just stumbled upon another notorious piece of science built in the labs of the Moki-Moki Ios Corporation. No matter where you are this sh*t will take you back to the Area 51 in no-time… do you hear me Mulder? 😝

Flying Saucer

And then back to facts. What we are talking about here is a simple but beautiful WordPress plugin that adds a flying saucer float on the pages of your site.

The image provig the existence of UFO on your WordPress site.

Super-Easy-to-Use Javascript Plugin

The plugin, developed in Javascript and CSS, is super-easy to use since all you need (or can for that matter) is to activate the plugin. After that some UFO appears flying over your content every now and then.

What would be a more nice way to cheer up your visitors! And I’m not even trying to say your content is boring or anything. 😉

Still Experimental

This plugin is still partly in experiment lab and will grow to have more features in future. For this reason the price is also low - only five bucks.

Now you can take advantage of this and buy the WordPress UFO plugin today. As you probably know Creative Market offers you life-time updates resulting in you getting more advanced UFO features for free on some day.

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