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Content Starts 5 Free Google Web Fonts for Site Header

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Great Typography For Header Pics

The Back to the 90s theme allows you to put a header pic above the content. As you probably have noticed on this site. Creating a cool header pic requires some inspiration and effort. But selecting a good font plays a large role in the equation. Here you can find some cool and inspiring fonts that are free to download and install.

To download the font go to Google Fonts and select download family. Extract the package, double-click on the font, and choose install. After that you have a nice new font available for example in Gimp or Photoshop.

Let’s cut the BS here are the fonts!

Here are the fonts!

Press Start 2P

Awesome retro font straight from the 80s computer game. (Enter Google Fonts)


A distinctive japanese style of font. (Enter Google Fonts)


Rectangulized font that could be from a vintage utopia movie. (Enter Google Fonts)


This is a font that looks like the graphics of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Great one to create a nice horror impression. (Enter Google Fonts)


Someone didn’t clean the desk and now there are crumbs everywhere. Get realistic vibe by using this not so clean font. (Enter Google Fonts)

There we go…

What it comes to fonts Google Fonts is the source for everything you probably will need. But another great website is It allows you to filter down the results by keywords, and then displays links to Google Fonts or other site where the font can be downloaded from.

The other sites do not necessary allow you to download the fonts for free so that’s why I like to stick strictly with Google Fonts.

Have fun creating your site header pics, product images, or whatever you may be up to!

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