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Content Starts Show Case: Retro PC Geek

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Retro Theme For Retro Geek

Let us introduce you to a great site who has incorporated Back to The 90s Retro WordPress Theme™ in their design… 🥁 *drum rolls* 🥁 🥁 …the one and only - Retro PC Geek!

The site is all about old computers and games built for them. For this site using Back to The 90s theme is more than suitable. However, let’s not forget that Back to The 90s theme rocks for any site with any imaginable topic.

Pics Please…

Here’s how it looks. Unfortunately Retro PC Geek has probably died since the site does not exist anymore. Anyhow, click the picture to see how to page look on its hayday!

Retro Visitor Counter

On the left you can spot our super-easy WordPress Retro Visitor Counter plugin on action. The plugin is only-five-bucks and you can get it from Creative Market.

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