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Download Retro WordPress Theme With 90s Vintage CSS Here

Content Starts Introducing The Best Retro Theme For WordPress

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If you like vintage style and use WordPress as CMS - this article is for you.

WordPress CMS

When starting a new website the first thing to consider is the platform the site will use. It is rare for even the tech-savvy to build a website entirely from scratch.

One of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for web is WordPress. When writing this their homepage states: “42% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.” The website theme described here assumes you use WordPress as a content platform.

The Best Retro Theme

It is surprising that out of thousands of different looking themes only very little amount is focused on retro or vintage looks. A one that does provide you a full blast from the past is the Back To The 90s Retro WP Theme.

This is most likely the number one retro styled theme in the market, and it’s gaining popularity and building a constant stream of happy users all the time. But why? Let’s immerse us in that right now.


This picture is a screenshot from the live demonstration of Back To The 90s Retro WordPress theme.

Retro Yet Modern

Back To The 90s Retro Theme has looks straight from the 90s. If you were using the World Wide Wait back then you probably stumbled on some sites hosted in Geocities, and then for you this theme will provoke some memories.

The layout looks like it’s created by using iframes - the technology with which the navigation was separated from the main content back in those days. The theme let’s you choose between two or three frame layout. However, this theme is built with modern HTML5 & CSS and does not utilize any legacy techniques.

Nice Mobile Support

The looks are built to appear delicious in smart phones as well as desktop computers.

Because of the beauty and simplicity of the code, structure created in this vintage fashion is clear and straightforward no matter on what kind device you access it.

Special attention is paid for the layout to work seamlessly in mobile context. On smart phones the vintage vibes are not so clear, but the overall look and identity of your site remains the same.

Search Engine Friendly

The code is kept light-weight so processing and downloading the page happens in a breeze. This is a important factor for good search engine visibility as well as delightful user experience.

The markup is generated with every search engine optimization (SEO) rule in mind, and thus will give you the best starting point for excellent SERP rankings.

The content you create is on the main focus, the theme does all it can for the success of your site.

Background Music

The feature that was hip back in the 90s was of course a MIDI background music.

Playing authentic MIDI files on modern web browsers would be a burden for the site performance. Instead the theme allows you to define an MP3 file that starts playing when the visitor access your website.

If you use the background music feature a sound player controls are displayed. The sound can be easily turned off so it won’t bother your visitors forewer.

Retro HTML Effects

Another speciality on the Web back in the 90s was all kind of flashy and animated effects. The theme provides you a set of shortcodes for the basic FX of the past. For example to create a blinking text just enter Your text on your article.

The Most Authentic Retro Theme

To summarize, the Back To The 90s Retro Theme for WordPress provides as authentic retro feeling as it can get.

  • Authentic retro looks
  • Modern HTML5 and CSS
  • Search-engine friendly
  • Clear and simple structure
  • Great mobile support
  • Easy to customize
  • Gaining popularity
  • and more…

The looks and usability stroke perfectionism what is comes to old-looking websites, and under the hood the website will be modern, search engine friendly, and pleasant for the server and your users.

The theme is not free but does not ask you for the full premium theme price either. Currently the theme is sold on Creative Market with a price of only $29 with customer support and life-time updates included.

Check out the theme’s homepage that acts as a live demonstration at the same time. Go to

To the the next time. Cheers!

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