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GIFs - those little, often animated pictures that ruled the web in 90s are nowadays used mostly in social media chatting. Depending on your taste you still can use them on your website, too (like you can currently see).

Here is a short list of the best places you can get your hands on some GIF files.

  1. - Contains a huge amount of oldschool GIFs, most look like good old clipart graphics. The copyrights if this material is not clearly stated but I think no one will sue you for using them on your site.
  2. - This site has taken the concept of GIF to another level. Skype has integration to this service to include GIFs in your chat messages. Lot of video footage and memes. Has functionality for easy copying of pic’s URL address.
  3. - Large collection of oldskool GIFs like in The site states that “images … are 100% free and there are no charges attached to using them.” This is a statement does not make. So if you wan’t to use GIFs on your website using this site for your oldschool clipart GIF needs is a safe move.

The list was short but this should be all you ever need. If you can’t find something from these sites there’s always a final option. Use your favorite search engine and do a image search for something like “singing zebra animated gif” and enjoy the results.

This is what I found with that search. Nice!

Singing Zebra is Alive.
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