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Super-Simple Snow Effect Plugin

Back in the day there was a legendary Javascript effect that turned your site into a snowstorm. Now it has returned as a cool WordPress plugin. Just activate it and blizzard is on!

What can I really say. The Moki-Moki Ios Corporation has again created a product that is so simple and self explanatory plugin reviewers like me can only scratch their heads.

A single snowflake. Activate the plugin and they’ll float all over!

Graphics and Animations

The snowfall pic is quite a big nice blue symmetrical like a real work of nature. The flakes drop from the top and swing left and right until they exit the view in the bottom of your window. That’s the whole process but that does not mean it’s boring, I can spend time after time staring at that beautiful stream of snow.

Great to Match Local Weather

This plugin is great when you match it with your local weather. “I’m dreaming about a white christmas” and with this plugin effect you get the white christmas with a push of a button.

WordPress SNow Flakes plugin is a handy tool in the toolbox of any serious WordPress webmaster. 😉

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