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Pro-Quality Typography

Sam Parrett is a professional font designer at Set Sail Studios. Now we are gonna take a look at his work called Bayshore. Fasten your seat belts!

Authentic 80s Style

Bayshore is an amazingly cool retro font created in the mood of absurd haircuts, neon colored clothing, and fast convertibles, as to say 1980s.

The script produced by Bayshore font is mono-line, meaning the line does not break between the normal lowercase characters. In addition to lowercase characters the font includes uppercase, punctuation and numeral symbols.

If you want to achieve an ultra-positive 80s vibe on your business material, letters, logos, calling cards or even your customized baseball cap I know there may not exist many more better alternatives.

Admire the glowing beauty of this retro font.

Price Range

The prices for the font vary depending on the use purpose. Starting from the cheapest they are desktop, web font, e-publication, and application. The license for the final option is clearly more expensive than the rest but considering how classy this digital asset is it’s definetely worth the pay.

Delivery Formats

The product is delivered as a single font file with plethora of effects you can use to stylize the output. For example there is separate “end-swash” lowercase character you can use on the end of the word. To use this you need to have software with Opentype capabilities.

For all Photoshop users there is even more candy available. Ten neon glow Photoshop styles make it easy to boost the beauty of text you’ve created. Check out the video below for instructions how to use the Photoshop styles.

Brilliance Built-In

As always in Creative Market you can download the latest version of the font and extras anytime now or in future. This is a totally brilliant font in all of its detailed genius and I can’t recommend you to use it more than this. Full five stars, period.

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